BIP/BTC exchange rate
BIP/BTC 0.00000007
BIP/ETH exchange rate
BIP/ETH 0.00000108
BIP/XRP exchange rate
BIP/XRP 0.00432833
BIP/LTC exchange rate
BIP/LTC 0.00002435
BIP/XLM exchange rate
BIP/XLM 0.01350467
BIP/DASH exchange rate
BIP/DASH 0.00002241
BIP/XMR exchange rate
BIP/XMR 0.00001724
BIP/WAVES exchange rate
BIP/WAVES 0.00028816
BIP/TRX exchange rate
BIP/TRX 0.04650593
BIP/USDT exchange rate
BIP/USDT 0.00261943
BIP/ATOM exchange rate
BIP/ATOM 0.00008077
BIP/USD exchange rate
BIP/USD 0.00262313
BIP/PHP exchange rate
BIP/PHP 0.13446200
BIP/HKD exchange rate
BIP/HKD 0.02042476
BIP/IDR exchange rate
BIP/IDR 37.59000000
BIP/ILS exchange rate
BIP/ILS 0.00823947
BIP/INR exchange rate
BIP/INR 0.19521500
BIP/SGD exchange rate
BIP/SGD 0.00352747
BIP/CNY exchange rate
BIP/CNY 0.01662752
BIP/TRY exchange rate
BIP/TRY 0.03527616
BIP/KRW exchange rate
BIP/KRW 3.13000000
BIP/RUB exchange rate
BIP/RUB 0.20353000
BIP/EUR exchange rate
BIP/EUR 0.00231169
BIP/GBP exchange rate
BIP/GBP 0.00193518
BIP/AUD exchange rate
BIP/AUD 0.00365368

We paid our delegators

    Make money yourself, make money with us!

    Every hour Minter generates 175'680 BIP ($462), which is spread amongst delegators.

    Buy a wallet with delegated coins to start making money right away.

    What is Minter?

    Minter is an ecosystem in the internet of money on a blockchain with instant crypto transfers. This technology is being used by Facebook (Libra) and Telegram (Ton) to develop their own blockchains.

    BIP (Blockchain Instant Payment) is the main coin in Minter. Any user can create their own coin in minutes, for any purpose, with a BIP reserve.

    44 out of 100

    biggest Minter investors trust us. Their investments round up to $754'656.


    2734 people trust us for passive income - the third biggest total stake in Minter.

    >2734 members

    out of 43 countries get daily passive income thanks to MinterPro

    24 hours a day

    7 days a week, 365 days a year we're ready to answer all your questions


    out of all the income of Minter belongs to our delegators


    of Minter blocks are tied to our servers


    profitability shown by our project tokens MPRO and FOUR

    >8'000 people

    have shown interest in our projects and have joined our community

    Our reached milestones

    Our greatest achievement are 4 very reliable Minter validators, which decentralize and assure our investors they get their income without any of it leaking.

    Our team has been with Minter since day 1 and is one of the leading teams in the network. In over 8 months of work we made multiple socially beneficial services, economical models and bots, and also hosted many giveaways to get our project out there.



    5 second transactions

    5 second transactions

    Instant payments and delegations

    Payment comments

    Payment comments

    Using all of Minter's potential in community projects

    Google Play

    Creation of a wallet

    Press the button «Generate a seed phrase» and make your very own Minter wallet.
    The seed phrase is essentially the password to your wallet. Write it down and store it someplace safe.
    The seed phrase cannot be restored, do not disclose it to anyone. You can use the seed phrase to enter console.minter.nework.
    You can send the address to anyone to receive BIP.
    QR codes for transactions

    QR codes for transactions

    Autofilling a transaction with a code

    Income in only 10 minutes

    Income in only 10 minutes

    Incredibly fast rewards from masternodes

    Price and profitability


    How do i become a delegator?

    A delegator is any Minter user who invests their coins to get a passive income. Anyone can become a delegator in minutes, just follow the instructions.

    The history of the project

    • July 1944

      The Bretton Woods conference

      John Maynard Keynes came up with a theory of absolute liquidity with a new Bancor currency.

    • October 1974

      F. Hayek gets his Noble prize

      Society's acceptance of interdependence between economical, social and institutional phenomena.

    • July 2014

      The creation of Tendermint

      The first real use of Keynes' and Hayek's economical models in the form of an open source project.

    • March 2017

      Minter prototyping

      Humanity's first steps into creating 'the internet of money'. The start of Minter's economical core.

    • March 2018

      The launch of Testnet

      The first transactions in the blockchain. Early birds joining in.

    • March 2019

      The creation of MDF

      The registration of Minter Developer Foundation (USA).

    • May 2019

      The launch of the Mainnet

      Minter's birthday - the first masternodes were launched and the first delegation rewards were paid out.

    • May 2019

      The launch of our masternode

      The MinterPro masternode was one of the first 16 masternodes to appear on Minter.

    • June 2019

      Libra presentation

      A cryptocurrency by Facebook getting us closer to the internet of money.

    • July 2019

      The launch of Four

      The launch of a partnering masternode on block 1'078'116

    • August 2019

      Minter Bank

      The launch of an official trading system by the Minter team. From that point the cryptoportal updates the exchange rate for BIP daily.

    • August 2019

      The coin of MPRO

      The creation of an official coin by MinterPro and its growth.

    • September 2019

      TON Testnet presentation

      Telegram Open Network open testing - the satellite of Minter.

    • September 2019

      The launch of MinterPro 2.0

      Expansion of the MinterPro project with more growth of our community.

    • December 2019

      MPRO Exchange

      The launch of a Telegram bot that sells BIP and MPRO to credit cards and QIWI.

    • January 2020

      The launch of Vegas

      The launch of the first project-oriented masternode on Minter. Additional payouts from service profits amongst delegates.

    The BIP emission will be allocated until 2026



    What is Minter?

    Minter is a blockchain on the Tendermint engine that uses the DPoS algorithm, which allows instant transactions and custom coins.

    Minter presents itself as a tool for investments to get passive income, and also as an ecosystem to start your project.

    Minter is a working example of the concept of 'the internet of private money' with tons of potential and ease of use and implementation

    Unlike other blockchains, Minter doesn't use smart contracts to create tokens, or 'custom coins'. The harmony of the economy and the liquidity are present because of the implemented concept of a universal currency, described by Keynes himself.

    Absolute token liquidity, a transparent model of passive income and accessible tools are what makes Minter special.

    How does the income work?

    Many call Bitcoin «digital gold», while Minter is more like oil with its daily reliable mining, variety of uses and demand. If the high price of gold is dictated by its rarity and difficult gathering, then the price of oil is dictated by its demand.

    For hundreds of years oil had no use but to burn it for heat. Then for decades it was made into different fuels and light. And only recently has it started being used to make plastics and fibers - materials without which it's impossible to imagine our world now. Look around: the furniture, clothes, the device you're using to read this could not have been made without it. How many items made out of oil are within 50 meters of you?

    Before Minter cryptocurrencies and blockchains were used only as a means to transfer money and a lot of it burned in fees. The main coin of BIP is like raw oil - easily obtainable, the emission will be enough for all of humanity, but it's still limited (unlike inflationary cryptocurrencies). By 2026 for the 10 billion people that inhabit our planet we'll have a single BIP for every one of them. But with lost seed phrases and masternode owners burning coins, who didn't feel like putting enough money into security the deficit will become worse.

    Hundreds of teams work hard on their projects, every one using Minter in new creative ways, trying out and implementing new economical models that try the test of time. Later this will all turn into a single platform, where every coin will have its use and be able to be instantly traded into any other coin. And for this private form of currency there's no need for a middleman or mining equipment. Genius Keynes could've only dreamed of such economical harmony in his predictions.

    The mining of coins in Minter is stretched over 7 years and happens as an allocation for every block mined by masternodes between all the wallets that made the strategic decision to delegate BIP or custom coins. This way we can hold off inflation, which allows Minter's ecosystem to only get money in fair portions.

    Those coins will be spread amongst delegators anyway. The earlier you get onboard the better for your pocket. There's still an opportunity to build your oil empire.

    What are rewards?

    Rewards are the passive income delegators get for storing their money in a masternode.

    Rewards are given to every delegator for every block mined by masternodes within the blockchain, they are calculated according to every delegator's stake and go straight to their wallet in BIP, the base coin.

    The only things that influence the size of every reward are the node parameters, the stake of the delegator and the current status of the blockchain. No other factors influence the rewards.

    Once the rewards drop into your wallet you are absolutely free to do anything you want with them: save them up, spend them, convert them into custom coins of your choosing, or delegate them to increase your stake.

    Here's how the spread of rewards works: every block (5 seconds) the blockchain generates 244 BIP (becomes 1 BIP smaller every 11 days). BIP can't just exist without being in a wallet, the fresh coins are spread amongst all delegators across all masternodes.

    Out of these rewards a small fee (can't be higher than 10% on Minter) goes to the creators of the node to keep the service running.

    What is a masternode?

    A masternode is a team of enthusiasts who launched a server from their own pockets to be quick and reliable, so that the community uses their node specifically. The more masternodes, the more attention goes to projects in the blockchain, which leads to more and more growth, which also leads to more competition.

    A masternode is the server you trust to give you your income without being able to tamper with the money you put in. At any moment you can give any amount for a node to keep, only guideline being is that it must be higher than the minimal stake set my the developers and get your first money in minutes.

    A masternode is your playground to allocate money for income and express your opinion about the growth of the blockchain. Your stake (delegated coins) and every other user's stake in this same masternode gives it more power. If you don't trust the masternode or you don't agree with its direction you can cut yourself off from it by sending your delegated money back to your wallet.

    A masternode is a feeding hand for the community with benefits for its delegators. Masternodes require a lot of money to keep it stable at all times, keeping only a small percentage of the rewards for its delegators, and are more focused on popularizing the blockchain as a platform for user-made applications, especially in a highly competitive environment.

    A masternode is a community of enthusiasts, delegators and your average Minter users. It's an enlightener, a popularizer. And on top of that, it has tech support and a consultant for financial planning.

    What is BIP?

    BIP (Blockchain Instant Payment) is the native currency and is the base for all custom coins. The offering is 10 billion BIP: 100M will be paid out to first partners, 100M goes to airdrops, and the rest goes to validators for 7 years.

    You can store BIP in your wallet or you can delegate it to get a stake, which gives you passive income.

    The average user can always perform instant transactions with their coins with no limitations. If the user wants to get passive income with BIP or custom coins, the user can freeze that money, giving it to a masternode to keep temporarily (this kind of transaction is called 'delegation') which you can call back at any time.

    Using BIP in the ecosystem eventually comes to making custom coins, paying fees and using it as your own currency. The rewards from delegation are sent to you in BIP.

    What is delegation?

    Delegation is passive income in BIP that is obtained by storing your money in a masternode rather than your wallet. This money can be called back at any moment. Until it's called back you cannot use that money, but you'll get a passive income that's determined by your stake.

    It is not an investment - the masternode can't use your money.

    It's not mining - there's no equipment required.

    It's a guaranteed, predictable, stable income.

    The earlier you delegate, the bigger your income will be. For that you must create a BIP wallet, get some BIP and perform a delegation transaction using the masternode's public key. The size of the first delegation must be bigger than the masternode's minimal stake.

    What are custom coins?

    Working with Minter and its different projects, you'll notice BIP is far from the only currency used in the network, there's coins like MPRO, FOUR, MINTERPRO etc. In Minter they're referred to by the community as 'custom coins' or 'project coins'.

    Custom coins are a successful implementation of the concept of 'private money'. BIP is the base for all of those coins, measuring the price of every one of them to be easily comparable.

    The exchange rates of BIP and custom coins aren't fixated, nor are they completely free. Their price is determined only by how much of the token is purchased at the moment, so essentially, the higher the demand for the coin the higher the price.

    The initial exchange rate for the coin is set by its creator. There, not only the initial emission and price are set, but also its potential growth speed which also affects the speed at which it can fall. Coins with a high supply have a stable exchange rate even with a lot of conversion going on, which is perfect for fixating the amount of income, while coins with a low supply are considered speculative coins.

    Buying and selling tokens doesn't need a middleman thanks to the already existing versatile coin of BIP. At any moment thanks to the mobile app or the console you can delegate, send and covert to and from any coin in the network. You can get your own empire of coins in seconds, only limited by the balance of your wallet. You can purchase them, trade them for BIP or for another coin in the 5 seconds it takes to perform a transaction.

    How do I use Minter?

    Minter Console is the main tool for managing BIP in the form of a web application which can be found at Here you can create a wallet, get all the info you need about its balance, make crypto cheques, create your tokens and delegate coins to get a passive income.

    Minter Explorer is also an important service which shows the status of the blockchain in real time at Here you can view all the info about any wallet, masternode, transaction and delegation payment. For everything you can imagine within Minter, there's a page for it.

    The mobile BIP wallet app is the basic client for Minter's main transactions - delegation, sending, getting an accurate balance of your wallet, scanning QR codes for pre-made transactions - fantastic for getting payments in BIP. Get the app at

    Telegram messenger - wanna join a community of Minter enthusiasts, stay up to date on all news regarding the blockchain, use different services and win your first coins? Install Telegram and hop on here - @minterproeng.

    Right now you can join our delegators and start making money. To do this just simply buy a wallet from us and watch the money flow into it.


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