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Download BIP Wallet application to make your first step


BIP Wallet application to make your first step

Buy BIP instantly on MinterPro  resources


instantly on MinterPro resources


Delegation for getting regular income


for getting regular income

Auto-delegation for those, who want more than passive income


for those, who want more than passive income

Welcome to Minter Network

Welcome to Minter Network

Minter is a blockchain network based on the Tendermint engine with the DPoS consensus mechanism that allows for conducting instant transactions and creating project coins with algorithmic price discovery.

Key Features

  • Instant payments — transactions are done in 5 seconds, with fees lower than $0.001;
  • Absolute liquidity — with BIP in reserve and the price discovered algorithmically, each coin can be instantly reminted to BIP or any other coin without the need for an intermediary;
  • Limitless — BIP and other coins issued in the network can be exchanged for BTC and ETH (via Cosmos Zone) or even secured in USD;
  • Developer-friendly — to boost the development of Minter Apps, the team has already released open-source SDKs for iOS, Android, JS, and even a Telegram bot kit.

BIP Token

BIP (Blockchain Instant Payment) token is used as the native currency of the network as well as the reserve for the coins. Total supply amounts to 10 billion BIPs, of which 100 million will be offered to early partners, 100 million will be airdropped, and the rest will be distributed as the block rewards over the course of 7 years.


  • Simple Wallets and Crypto Checkout — BIP can be used to instantly pay for goods and services, a crypto wallet provides users with additional security, and transfers are settled in 5 seconds;
  • Crowdfunding — perpetual coin offerings can become an alternative to ICOs and traditional forms of raising funds, as the price of project’s coin grows with its popularity;
  • Gift Cards, Codes, and Loyalty Points — Minter can be used as the backend for any loyalty program, giving businesses a tool for building trust with the customers, increasing brand awareness, and acquiring new clientele;
  • Community Money — coins can be used as a value transfer tool within a specific community, providing for closer interaction and higher engagement.

Masternodes of Minter Network maintain the platform, store the history of all transactions from the moment of the project start and mine new BIP coins. MinterPro is one of these masternodes and gets its part of blockchain income.

Each BIP wallet owner has the opportunity to become the delegator of our masternode and start getting regular income.

BIP Wallet Application

Start getting income in one minute!

Get BIP Wallet Application for iOS
Get BIP Wallet Application for Android
BIP Wallet for browser
Get BIP Wallet Application for iOS
Get BIP Wallet Application for Android
BIP Wallet for browser
checking up balance via mobile app

checking up balance via

checking up balance via

mobile app

send and receive coins

send and receive


get regular profit as delegator

get regular profit as


issue and redeem checks

issue and redeem


create and convert coins

create and convert


Delegation to Minter Network

Delegation to Minter Network

Proper way to get regular income

Revenue calculator

How does it work?

The processes in blockchain ecosystems differ from the processes in the traditional banking sector. This does not mean that it is extremely difficult to understand them. The development of such ecosystems were originally engaged in mathematics, and not lenders and traders. Harmony, transparency and the absence of borders and qualifications triumph in blockchain world.

Delegation is a bit like a bank deposit. For the user, these operations look similar. The client gives a certain amount to a larger player and receives a regular income in proportion to the amount spent. The bank uses your deposit to lend to other customers and shares profit with you. In the blockchain, there is a constant emission of new coins as a result of mining. You temporarily withdraw some amount from free circulation, that is the way you are slowing down inflation and helping to increase the capitalization of the entire project as a whole.

This is the principle of existence of any cryptocurrency platform bringing passive income which depends only on the period and the amount of the deposit (the earlier the delegator joins the pool of our masternode the more it will be his income).

Why Minter Network?

Bitcoin regularly gets challenges from alternative cryprocurrencies. Some of them are faster and more comfortable than their "grandfather", but these products can be called only as Bitcoin evolution.

Nowadays we can say that Bitcoin is quite outdated. Its high cost can be explained only its age and public trust. But also it is well known that its creator is still incognito. Other currencies were just inspired by the success of their leader or created just for a single purpose.

The creators of Minter managed to give the world a much more comprehensive solution that includes the advantages of instant payment service and universal toolkit for business. It is actual today and will become more and more actual in future.

What is the best moment to join the project that has worldwide success and great potential of long-term growth?

Right now!

What is Minter Community?



develop blockchain and networking products



maintain blockchain in proper condition and mine coins



offer offline and online services and production



create frontend and backend apps for public usage



and other enthusiasts with your brilliant ideas!

We provide reliability!

As decades ago when programmers created high-level programming languages to become hardware independed, the developers of Minter provides the cryptocurrency creation kit for everyone who needs.

Our Mission is to take part in building this new wonder of the world. We are not only maintaing the Minter blockchain but also attracting new users to make this project comfortable and popular worldwide.

We thank everyone who trusts us and delegates in MinterPro Masternide for our mutual prosperity. We are not going to disappoint you. Please check up our publications and channels regularly. Maybe it will be you who gets the main prize this month.

Now we use masternode protection layer provided by MonsterNode

Now we use masternode protection layer provided by MonsterNode

Delegate to masternodes MinterPro

and take part in our lottery!

Lottery Terms
Minter White Paper

Minter White Paper

Start exploring Minter Network with this quick guide prepared by its developers. It is the best way to start up for developers and investors.

Read docs


Blocks signed


BIP coins emitted

Lotto Round II Results

Congratulations to the winners of the second round of the lottery!

Place Wallet Tickets
1 Mx4115...d745be 2430
2 Mx6f36...397f24 6
3 Mx0d35...92abf8 28
4 Mxd617...203ceb 5
5 Mxfaf3...5099e6 3
6 Mxd1b5...7e8c83 4
7 Mxdeaa...8cf775 50
8 Mx09e2...472fcc 59
9 Mxcc05...fb975e 53
10 Mx8a2f...21c5b1 49

Income calculator

You delegate

{{ amount }} BIP ${{ amountUSD }}

You get

{{ profit }} BIP ${{ profitUSD }}

for {{ mo }} from {{ amount }} BIP
in delegating mode

BIP Delegating

{{ mo }}

We use these values for calculating your income in MinterPro :

  • BIP to USD ${{ usd }};
  • Current block {{ minter.height }};
  • Block reward {{ this.minter.reward }} BIP;
  • Total stake {{ this.minter.stake }} BIP.


If you have a question or a brilliant idea we are ready to give you all the information you need.



Main chat


Buy/Sell BIP




Masternode Representative


You will get response on your ticket in 24 hours. Thank you for cooperation.


1. Getting application

We send rewards to BIP wallet addresses. So if you have just installed the BIP Wallet app you should create a new wallet on If you follow the link you will see a page like on the image below.

console index page
console index page

console index page

It is better to create a plain text document to save account info while signing up Minter Console.

2. Getting seed-phrase

Try to find the section called «CREATE WALLET» on the index page of console and use the button «CLICK TO GENERATE SEED PHRASE». After this the web page looks like this:

Address and seed-phrase
Address and seed-phrase

Address and seed-phrase

Now the page containts:
wallet address – this is your public id that is used by other wallet owners to send you coins;
seed-phrase – this is your password that should be used only by you to sign in BIP Wallet application.

Please save both of these tokens. You definitely need them in future.

Now try to find the «SIGN IN WITH SEED-PHRASE» section and input your seed phrase in the textarea. After clicking «SIGN IN» (войти) you will be redirected to wallet dashboard.

3. Buying BIP

Now it is high time to decide how much BIP you are going to delegate. You can ask for a consultaion in our Telegram chat room and we will help you with calculating your future income and buying BIP coins.

wallet balance
wallet balance

wallet balance

Now you can see the ballance of your wallet and the history of all your transactions.

4. Delegating BIP

The next step to join MinterPro and start getting income is to make your first delegation. All you need is to copy public key and navigate to the page called «DELEGATION» that look like an image below.



Try to find «DELEGATE» section and fill the form like you can see in the screenshot above. Put in the «PUBLIC KEY» field the token you have already copied to clipboard and click button «USE MAX» to autofill «STAKE» field. Click «DELEGATE» button to commit this transaction and you see your first income in just one minute.

5. Automate this!

The more amount of delegated coins you have the more income you get. You can buy BIP again and again but the most sensible technique is the automation of delegating. Try to find «GENERATE DELEGATION TRANSACTIONS» section that is situated on the same page you are located now. It looks like the one on the screenshot below:



There is only one step left to gain your automated income every minute. You should fill the form using the public key of our masternode. Please copy public key and paste in into «PUBLIC KEY» field. Input the «STAKE» field. Its value will be the sum that you regularly delegate when the balance of your wallet equals this value. Put in the «TX COUNT» field the number of automated transactions. Field «GAS PRICE» should have value 1 to help you avoid extra fees.

Recommended values: 200 as STAKE, 10000 as Tx Count, 1 as Gas Price. Now just click the «START AUTO-DELEGATION» button.

Thank you for your choice!